July 6 - July 12,2014

  • On Sunday, July 06, 2014 at approximately 09:06 PM, officers responded to the area of an apartment building on North Main Street for a report of a juvenile opening a car door and taking items. An officer located the juvenile matching the description and an investigation was conducted. A male juvenile, age 13 of Amherst, was cited into juvenile court for theft from a motor vehicle.


  • On Tuesday, July 08, 2014 at approximately 5:20 AM, officers were dispatched to a residence on South Leavitt Rd for a male who was banging on the door trying to get in the house. The male had been advised earlier by officers not to be at the residence at the request of the homeowner. Upon officers’ arrival, the male was observed on the front porch and when he saw the officers, he approached them. The male never said a word and simply turned around and placed his hands behind his back. Tyson King, age 41 of Amherst, was charged with Criminal Trespass.


  • On Tuesday, July 9, 2014 at approximately 10:28 PM, officers were dispatched to a business on Park Avenue in reference to two males causing a disturbance. Upon arrival, an officer observed two males yelling and screaming on the sidewalk as if they were about to fight another patron. The officer made contact with the two males and separated them from the large crowd that was growing in front of the business. The officer asked the two males for identification. Both males were intoxicated, had trouble keeping their balance, and had to be told several times to actually lean against the cruiser. The males then had to be asked several times to present their identification. One of the males was so intoxicated that he handed the officer his cell phone stating that it was his identification. Both subjects then eventually provided the officer with Pennsylvania Driver's Licenses, showing they were 22 years old. Upon observing the two Pennsylvania Driver's Licenses, the officer noticed that they both had the same exact operator's license number. Both subjects were then placed under arrest. Upon searching the subjects, their Ohio Driver's Licenses were located, identifying them both as 19 years old. Both subjects were then transported to the Police Department to complete the booking process. Upon arrival to the police department, one male was put through the process without incident. Mark Mishak, age 19 of Amherst, was charged with Disorderly Conduct Intoxication, Disturbing the Peace, Underage Consumption, Theft, Furnishing False Information and False Identification Information. The other male was very difficult to put through the process. He eventually had to be placed in a cell so that the paperwork could be completed without interruption. Once completed, the officer helped the male back into the booking room and had him take a seat on the bench. Brian Pinchbeck, age 19 of Amherst, was charged with Disorderly Conduct Intoxication, Disturbing the Peace, Criminal Damaging, Underage Consumption, Theft, Furnishing False Information, Obstructing Official Business and False Identifying Information.