In an effort to better protect the citizens of Lorain County, the Amherst Police Department is participating in the Lorain County Chiefs of Police Association Transaction Safe Zone program and welcomes the public to our department to show, inspect or purchase property that is for sale through e-commerce sites like Craig’s list, and / or close their online transactions in a safer way.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) or restrictions for the Amherst Police Department Transaction Safe Zone location:

Note: These restriction may differ from other Lorain County police agencies involved in the program.

What area of the police parking lot is available for this use?

The Amherst Police Department front parking area only is available for use to you.  No unauthorized persons are permitted in the back parking lot where the police cars are.

What area of the police lobby is available for this use?

The Amherst Police Department offers the full lobby area for your use.

Is the police parking lot and/or lobby under video surveillance?

Yes, the Amherst Police Department has the ability to video record both the front public parking lot as well as most of the lobby area.


Are there any day or time restrictions?

Yes, we request you limit your meetings during the daylight hours.  There are no day restrictions.

Do I have to make an appointment to use the police parking lot or lobby?


Do I have to notify the dispatcher that I am in your parking lot/lobby to conduct e-commerce transactions?

You do not have to, but it certainly would be appreciated.  Then we could ensure our parking lot camera is pointed in your direction.

If I have a really big transaction, or I’m suspicious of who I am meeting, can I have a police officer stand by?

This is possible, but will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  It will not be part of the normal procedure for e-commerce activity.

Will the police check to be sure something is not stolen before I purchase it?

This is possible under some rare circumstances, but generally the burden is on you to make sure the transaction is in your own best interest.  The police department can not be held liable for providing information if an item is or is not stolen before you purchase it.

Are there any other restrictions or information I should know about?

Yes, CCW permit holders are not permitted to bring weapons into our facility.

The legal sale of a firearms or other weapons will not be permitted on police department property.

We offer no other service associated with the transaction, like notary services, county money, checking for fake/counterfeit money, verifying money amounts, etc.

You are discouraged from loitering in the department parking lot or lobby for unnecessary lengths of time.