Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol 2012  The Amherst Police Department “Bike Patrol” consist of three "TREK" special built police package bicycles. Equipped with special tires and a noiseless clutch, the officers can utilize one of the 21 speeds.

Sgt. Michael Murphy Jr is the officer-in-charge of the Bike Patrol unit.

Other officers assigned to the Bike Patrol are:

Sgt. Jacob Perez

Ptl. Jason Nahm

The bike patrol made its debut on Memorial Day 1999.

The bike units were provided to the Amherst Police Department through various organizations over the years. Recently there has been no activity within the program to report.

The Bike Patrol is utilized during the warmer weather, where you may see them on regular patrol in the downtown areas as well as in the residential neighborhoods. While mostly riding in warmer weather the bikes can be used as late as October during the Skeleton Run.

Commonly, you will see the officers on Bike Patrol along the footpaths of the Beaver Creek Reservation, historic downtown as well as each and every parade put on by the city of Amherst.

If you haven’t been to visit the Reservation please stop out and take a “stroll”, I’m sure you would agree that it was a very pleasant experience. As the path is one of the finest in the county. The entrance to the park is just to the north of the police facility. Also located next to the police facility is the Lorain County Veterans Memorial. The Amherst Police Department thanks those service men and woman who sacrifice every day for our country.

The Amherst Police Bike Unit would like to thank all who have supported this unit in the past. We also welcome any donations or help with regards to our aging equipment and program.


Thank you,

Sgt. M. Murphy Jr.