February Accident Reports

Accident Sketch



Accident reports are available on the Amherst Police Department website and are also available through the State of Ohio.  Reports may appear on the state website before they have been uploaded to the Amherst Police Department website. 

Please keep in mind the report on the State of Ohio website will not include witness statements or photographs.  If these have been generated on the report you are inquiring about, you will need to print statements through our website.  Any available photographs may be obtained by contacting the Amherst Police Department.


Ohio Department of Public Safety Crash Retrieval Website


You will need to fill in the following fields:

County (47 Lorain)

Crash Date (format 01/01/2018) year crash occurred

Jurisdiction (Amherst 1798)

Law Enforcement (Amherst Police Department 04701)


You will need to fill in a last name from the report.  To get results, click “Get Report Data” and then “Select Report”.


Private property crashes do not appear on the state’s website, only on the Amherst Police website. 
If you have any questions please contact our records department at 440-988-2625 M-F 6am-2pm.

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 *Any reports with a  revised date (Revised MM/DD/YY) have been updated with minor information generally for state reporting purposes only and should not change the substantive information in the report.  If you have any questions please contact our records department at 440-988-2625 Monday through Friday from 6am - 2pm.